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Crowns struck in the British Commonwealth
and States of the former British Empire

Crown of South Africa

South Africa
In addition to the crowns struck for Britain, herself, the following Colonies and States have also issued their own crown coins. There are many coins that are mistakenly called Crowns when the more proper term is crown-sized. Additionally, many countries issued coins that, while called a crown natively, are not included here. These are coins like the Koruna or Corona.

To be included here, the coin has to have been issued by a former or current British Colony or a member of the Commonwealth of Nations. Or it must be based upon the British monetary system. Coins included here are those being equivalent to five shillings, or one-quarter of a pound or equivalent unit. This includes coins of the value of five shillings, twenty-five pence, one crown, etc. Additional coins may be included if they appear to follow the standard used for previous crowns. Examples of this would be the silver 50 Cents struck in South Africa between 1961 and 1964 which use the exact same module as the earlier Five Shillings coins. The 50 Cents struck in Nickel and of smaller size that were issued in the following years, though, are not included.

Two additional states are not currently included above and these are Gibraltar and the Isle of Man. Both states have issued and currently still issue crowns. These two states have issued literally hundreds of Commemorative crowns in recent years and the numbers and types are currently still being put into a form for use on this site.