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S3689: George II, (Crown): (1746)
O  Laureated, draped, and cuirassed bust of George II left, old bust, LIMA below, regnal year on edge in words
R  Crowned cruciform shields with arms
date ·M·B·F·ET· H·REX·F·D·B· ET·L·D·S·R·I· A·T·ET·E·
The inscription LIMA was placed upon those pieces which were struck from the silver which was captured, according to Mr. Pollet, by the Prince Frederic and Duke privateers. According to other authorities they were coined from the silver captured, by Lord Anson, in the great Acapulco galleon. The former tradition is the more probable, for Acapulco is the capital of Mexico, and Lima, which is the capital of Peru, would very inconsistently be inscribed upon Mexican silver.
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